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Name Plate Holder - Double Sided Top View
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Sign Holders, Poster Holders, Name Plate Holders,Table Tents, Acrylic Displays, Brochure Holders at Plastic Products Mfg

Plastic Products Mfg - Worldwide leader in Sign Holders, Poster Holders, Table Tents, Name Plate Holders, Brochure Holders and POP Acrylic Displays. Over $1 million of inventory is ready to ship. Our “Customer Bill of Rights” ensures our first-rate service and superior products.

Name Plate Holders - Single-Sided

Single Sided Name Plate Holders
Style PNH - Cubicle/Partition Acrylic Name Plate Holders, for single-sided identification.

Name Plate Holders - Double Sided

Double Sided Name Plate Holders
Style PNH2 – Double-Sided Cubicle/Partition Acrylic Name Plate Holder - Distinct views from both sides of cubicle.

Name Plate Holders - Slant Back

Desk Name Plate Holders
Style A - Single-sided Slant Back Desk/Countertop Acrylic Name Plate Holder.  Slanted front allows easy viewing.

Name Plate Holders - Table Tent

Desk Top Name Plate Holders - Table Tent
Style F - Durable Clear Acrylic Table Tent Name Plate Holder for desk tops or on countertops. Displays your name or message on two sides.

Name Plate Holder - Double Sided Top View

Name Plate Holders Top View Double Sided
Style PNHT2 - Top view Crystal Clear Acrylic Name Plate Holder accommodates two inserts on both sides above cubicle wall or partition.

Name Plate Holders - Tiered Top View

Name Plate Holders - Double Sided 4-Way Top View
Style PNHT4 - Tiered Crystal Clear Acrylic Name Plate Holder accommodates two inserts on both sides of cubicle wall or partition.

Name Plate Holder - Wall Mount

Wall Mount Cubicle Name Plate Holders
Style WF - Clear Acrylic Wall Mount Sign Holder mounts on doors, walls, cubicles and desks.

Cubicle Name Plate Hangers

Cubicle Name Plate Hangers
Style PNHC - Cubicle Name Plate Hangers clip over partition or cubicle walls to hold your name plates or sign.
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Name Plate Holders

When you think about the name or title behind the identification on the name plate, you know how important it is to showcase each and every one. Nothing highlights your staff in finer, individual style or spotlights important titles more effectively than Plastic Products Mfgs dynamic Acrylic Name Plate Holder line, including the next generation in Cubicle Name Plate Holders with a unique 4-Way Top View.

What makes Plastic Name Plate Holders a smart buy? Crystal clear acrylic adds a touch of class and sophistication to the traditional name plate, recognizing the person behind the name as a valued and important part of your organization. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, Plastic Product Mfg also has a solid reputation in highly functional identifiers like Pallet Rack Name Plate Holders, Warehouse Label Holders, and Storage Name Plate Holders. 

No matter what your application, your choice in these industry leading styles will be made of durable, long-lasting acrylic that delivers 92% light transmission and never yellows or fades. If youre looking at the latest Partition Name Plate Holders, note that custom sizes are available and that they are easy to install, right out of the box. They slide easily over cubicle walls without damaging the cubicle itself, also making these Name Plate Holders easy to pins, tape, or Velcro required! Theyre great in busy office settings and can be used to guide customers/prospects/team members through a maze of partitions.       

Our classic Slant Back Desk Name Plate Holder is also a popular favorite, and its far from a “one size fits all” kind of item. In fact, we have several sizes to choose from, 3” wide and 1” high to 11” wide by 2” high. The acrylic also adds a protective toughness element thats practically indestructible. A sturdy base keeps your Desk Name Plate Holders firmly in place, and Name Plate Holder Frames are available, too.

 What are the other benefits of Acrylic Name Plate Holders?

 • Theyre built to last with Premium Thickness Acrylic. 

• Plastic Name Plate Holders are very affordable, especially when you consider the durability factor on your investment.  Long-lasting means cost-effective!

• Style and size availability.  Plastic Products Mfg can easily accommodate Custom Name Plate Holder requests in a variety of sizes.

• Designed for multiple applications.

• Excellent way to appropriately spotlight names, title, and other identifiers.

• Attractive in any décor.    

 Versatility makes Acrylic Name Plate Holders an optimal choice for a nearly unlimited number of facility requirements, from stores to environments to warehouses, shipping docks, and clean rooms. Take Double Sided Table Tent Name Plate Holders, for example, ideal for counter top use. Plastic Products Mfg also offers a Table Tents that can be custom imprinted in advance, giving you a head start on display usage. Please note that a minimum order is typically required for custom imprinting, well-worth the price for an additionally unique look! 

 Looking for something in a Wall Name Plate Holder?  Plastic Products Mfg offers Wall Mount styles that make installation a breeze. They are tough as nails yet remarkably lightweight.  Consider the possibilities and each area of necessity before locking in your order. Identification Name Plate Holders and Clear Plastic Label Holders provide exceptional, crystal clear view-ability. And when you think about the many uses of Sign Name Plate Holders, remember that Plastic Products Mfg styles are geared for inserts you can make yourself!    

Displaying staff member names and titles deserves a showcase that reflects each persons individuality. If your needs are more in the area of making other identifying factors more clearly visible, nothing does it better than crystal clear Acrylic Name Plate Holders from Plastic Products Mfg. Versatile usage options – and RE-usage – make any choice a cost-effective investment and the kind of spotlight you need! 

Also, be sure to note the attention to detail, especially in new styles. Creative, innovative design elements in certain styles include new spaces for name and title inserts with outstanding clarity attributes. If you want to shine the spotlight on a name, title, or however your operation approaches identification, these many styles really get the job done. Add the ability to customize your preferred sizes and youll have the best Name Plate Holders anywhere working for you!

Backed by Plastic Products Mfgs exclusive Customer Bill of Rights, you cant go wrong with Acrylic Name Plate Holders. Please explore your options further with Plastic Products Mfg and dont hesitate to request assistance from one of our representatives if you would like more details before finalizing your order.

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