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Mini Coin Bank

Style PMBSC2 400x356.jpg

PMBSC2 - Mini Coin Bank - Overall Dimensions - 5" Width x 3" High x 3-1/4" Deep. This 2 piece design has a slot size 2-3/4" x 3/8"

5" Wide Donation Box with Header

Style PMBSC6H 400x407.jpg

PMBSC6H - Made of Clear Lexan with Hex Set Screw Lock - Overall Dimension of 5" Width x 3-7/8" High and a 3-3/8" Depth. Cut out size 2-7/8" x 1/4". Has 5" x 7" Header.

5-1/2" Coin Box with Header

Style PMBSC3H 400x464.jpg

PMBSC3H - Clear Acrylic Box - Overall Dimensions 5-1/2" Wide x 3" High and 3-5/8" Deep. Cut out size 2-1/2" x 1/4". Has 5" x 7" Header.

5-3/8" Coin Box With Lock

5-3/8" Coin Box With Lock

PMBSC5H - Clear Coin Box with Hasp Lock - Overall Dimensions 5-3/8" Wide and 3" High x 3-5/8" Depth.  Opening is 3" x 1/4".  Has 5" x 7" Sign Holder.

6-1/8" Donation Box with Postcard Header

Style PMBSC7H 400x443.jpg

PMBSC7H - Mini Donation Boxes - No Lock - Overall Dimension 6-1/8" Width x 4-3/8" High and 4-3/8" Deep. Slot size 3-3/8" x 1/4".  Has 6" x 4" Sign Holder that is enclosed on the bottom, sides and has thumb notch.

6-1/8" Donation Box and Lock

Style PMBSC7LH 400x371.jpg

PMBSC7LH - Mini Donation Boxes - With Lock - Overall Dimensions 6-1/8" Wide x 4-3/8" High and 4-3/8" Deep. Opening size 3-3/8" x 1/4".  Has 6" x 4" Sign Holder that is enclosed on the bottom and sides and has thumb notch.

6-1/8" Wide Coin Bank

Style PMBSC1 400x325.jpg

PMBSC1 - Mini Coin Bank - No Lock - Overall Dimension 6-1/8" Width x 4-3/8" High x 4-3/8" Deep.  This has a opening size 3-3/8" x 1/4".

6-1/8" Coin Bank with Lock

6-1/8" Coin Bank with Lock

PMBSC1L - Mini Coin Bank - With Lock - Overall Dimensions 6-1/8" Width x 4-3/8" High x 4-3/8" Deep. Cut out size 3-3/8" x 1/4".

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Small Donation Boxes / Coin Boxes

Every worthwhile fundraising campaign, non-profit organization, and charity drive relies on them and starts with the first donation that drops in one: Small Donation Boxes constructed of incredibly tough acrylic!  Every year, millions are raised worldwide…one counter top at a time.  With decades of experience in Acrylic Donation Box manufacturing, our techs have designed a number of styles that all share unbreakably thick plastic properties to withstand the hardest knocks and deter theft! 

As you can see, we’ve also taken Donation Box designs to even more secure levels with a variety of different locking mechanisms on several styles.  One example is our 6-1/8” Donation Box and Lock.  It may be considered a “mini,” but it’s big on maximizing collections and the top lock keeps its’ contents secure.  It also has a Sign Holder for your print material to make it an instant eye grabber at strategic locations, especially POP locales.  We also have a 6-1/8” Mini Coin/Ballot Box built using some of our thickest acrylic.  It features a wider slot to present a more diverse range of uses.  This Coin Bank also delivers security with a top lock-and-key.

We mentioned using Acrylic Donation Boxes for purposes beyond raising money for worthwhile endeavors.  Getting customer feedback, taking internal surveys, collecting ballots for contest giveaways…these are just a few ways to fill a 6-1/8” Donation Box with a Postcard Header to encourage participation.  And once the box starts filling, the more other people want to add their voices and be heard, too.  Generous slot size on this model makes it happen. 

Sleeker, slightly smaller Acrylic Coin Boxes are in-stock now and ready to ship as well.  5-1/2” Coin Boxes with Headers resemble an old-fashioned high back chair, only in crystal clear plastic.  The tall backing Header provides great space for advertising creativity to get the box filling faster.  Ever-so slightly wider yet with the same “high back chair” appeal, our 5-3/8” Clear Coin Box comes with a hasp lock helping proceeds stay intact until you’re ready to empty the box. 

Consider the dimensions you need and how your Donation Boxes will be best put to use.  That’s where locks and header possibilities can make the difference in your ultimate choices.  You also might be pleasantly surprised at the low cost of these units, especially with the added intricacies built into these rugged-n-ready acrylic Small Donation Boxes.  Of course, we also feature larger boxes on a different page if you prefer.  Plastic Products Mfg reps are always glad to help guide you.  Otherwise, feel free to add to your cart now and we’ll get your order processed, shipped, and on the way --- right away!

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