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Sign Holders, Poster Holders, Name Plate Holders,Table Tents, Acrylic Displays, Brochure Holders at Plastic Products Mfg

Plastic Products Mfg - Worldwide leader in Sign Holders, Poster Holders, Table Tents, Name Plate Holders, Brochure Holders and POP Acrylic Displays. Over $1 million of inventory is ready to ship. Our “Customer Bill of Rights” ensures our first-rate service and superior products.

Single Pocket Counter Top

Brochure Holders Single Pocket
Brochure Holders Counter Top  from 2-5/8" Wide to 9-3/8" Wide - Brochure Holders and Brochure Displays are functional and perfect for your desktop and counter. Top quality brochure holders are perfect for displaying promotional material that your customers can easily see.

Single Pocket Wall Mount

Brochure Holders Wall Mount
Brochure Holders Wall Mount  from 2-5/8" Wide to 12-13/16" Wide. These literature holders and pamphlet holders are available in a variety of widths and are perfect for mounting on doors and walls. Clear Plastic Wall Mount Literature Holders and Pamphlet Holders.

Multi Pocket Brochure Holders

Brochure Holders Multi Pocket
Multi Pocket Brochure Holders from 3-13/16" Wide up to 18-1/2" Wide. Brochure Holders Multi Pocket with a variety of brochure racks, magazine holders and literature racks to choose from, PPM has the perfect display solutions to help bring your products to life! Clear Plastic Literature Racks and Brochure Racks.

With Brochure Pocket

Brochure Holders With Brochure Pocket

Brochure Holder with Pocket 8-1/2" Wide -
Brochure Holders with Brochure Pocket are the perfect dual, two size display solution to hold your promotional material. Call for availability on other sizes.

With Business Card Holder

Brochure Holder With Business Card Holder

Brochure Holder with Card Holder from 4-1/4" Wide up to 8-7/8" Wide - Our Brochure Holders with Business Card Holder are available in a variety of sizes, ideal for desktop and countertop displays. Call for other sizes and configurations.

Brochure Boxes

Brochure Boxes
Brochure Boxes / Outdoor Brochure Boxes and Flyer Boxes are perfect for holding all of your flyers. Great for Real Estate Agents to display brochures or flyers. These brochure boxes / outdoor boxes can be mounted to posts and walls.

Wire Display Racks

Wire Display Racks

Our Wire Display Racks are great for those companies with multiple product lines. Ideal for displaying any brochure or flyer, this one makes an impact. Draw attention and get the word out today! Add your logo or company name. Easy load, easy clean, simple set up.

Glass Green Brochure Holder

Brochure Holders Glass Green

This Green Tint Brochure Holder is ideal for your flyer or brochure. This holder will get the job done, every time and is perfect for your point of purchase marketing and advertising materials. Elegant Design, Styling and with a Seamless finish.

box top

Brochure Holders

On the counter top or on the wall, Brochure Holders from Plastic Products Mfg are more than a nice addition to office décor.  They serve a valuable function, showing the hottest new promotions and putting valuable information at the forefront - drawing customer eyes, increasing awareness, and building revenue!

Simple yet sturdy and a superior way of displaying literature of all types and sizes, Acrylic Brochure Holders provide an added bonus at the point-of-purchase.  They’re available in multiple configurations to accommodate a wide variety of needs…single pocket for a special feature, multi-pocket literature holders for more, some holders with business card holders, others with an additional pocket “built-in” to provide dual functionality with different sized brochures.

Other benefits and advantages?  Here are just a few:

      Pocket widths range from 2-5/8” to over a foot, accommodating any size brochure

      Solid acrylic composition is super tough and extremely hard to break

      Clearer than glass, print material is easy to read

      Wall mount brochure holders come with mounting hardware, ready to hang

      Lower prices with higher quantity volume orders

      Great for any high foot traffic area

      All styles well-stocked for immediate delivery


Here’s something else to consider…Brochure Boxes are not just for Real Estate and P-O-P sales.  They’re also very popular with doctor’s offices and medical facilities, disseminating valuable information to patients and visitors.  They’re an excellent tool at schools of higher learning, both for recruitment and as student aids.  Parks and government facilities put them to use, making information easily accessible for guidance.  And pictures of paradise as part of a trade show “giveaway” contest?  Those beach shots are hard to resist, drawing visitors to your booth and more applicants for the contest!

Plastic Products Mfg’s Acrylic Brochure Holders are incredibly versatile, elegant in design, and simple to set up and use.  They travel well, making them a strong investment over time.  And with the variety of sizes and multi-slot configurations, customers and end-users alike find them easy to access - whether grabbing a slick or refilling at the point-of-purchase. 

Simply put, Acrylic Brochure Holders really get the job done – the perfect vehicle for marketing, advertising, and distribution.  We’re always glad to customize them, too.  Take a look…Plastic Products Mfg is ready to ship your order right now! 

Why Brochure Holders to maximize your ROI?

As long as companies and organizations have relied on visuals to capture an audience, the ability to grab the eye with words, pictures, and graphics has become more challenging than ever.  A few moments on the internet alone can include a barrage of advertising.  And in addition to traditional forms of TV and print medium, every available space from the sides of buses to baseball backstops is now occupied with someone’s message.

That said, tried-and-true forms of print still reign as popular, widely viewed ways to convey information in a one-on-one format.  Brochure holders, pamphlet holders, magazine holders, and sturdy literature holders are still the trusted vehicles used to get the word out, whether in medical facilities, dental offices, real estate and travel agencies, trade shows, food service establishments, any professional setting…the venues are limitless!  Political campaigns of every sort will spend good money to make sure their candidate or cause is represented in the best spotlight, whether using brochure stands, outdoor literature holders, or most any method of exposure.  Too much, some might say…but that’s a topic for another day.        

Today’s plastic brochure holder is a prime example of versatility with an array of styles to fit a range of requirements.  In any doctor’s office, the check-in counter is almost always the first stop and a sure-fire spot for an attractive brochure display or pamphlet holder.  Can you think of a medical facility where you did NOT see some type of literature rack or magazine holder?  Whether to pass the time while waiting or relaying vital medical details, displaying this information for public consumption doesn’t happen by magic.  Visibility’s absolutely crucial.       

This is where Plastic Products Mfg comes in.  Our industry best brochure holders are designed to accommodate multiple sizes and shapes.  Bi-folds, tri-folds, and leaflets are easily viewed in these crystal clear acrylic brochure stands.  Multi-pocket and multi-tiered pamphlet displays make a variety of materials available for easy access, whether on a counter top or as a wall mount literature holder.  And if you’re looking for a style beyond acrylic, we can also recommend the ideal wire display racks, wire magazine racks, and a great deal more.  We maintain an incredibly large inventory and that translates to speedy delivery, right to your door. So you can also be assured that your brochure displays arrive in perfect condition.  Once in use, their durability will be evident with every application and new promotion.        

The groups and business types mentioned here are just a few who will invest wisely in print material this year, advancing their bottom line.  Those who are even wiser will make sure that investment is shown as beautifully as possible for the strongest ROI.  Don’t be left behind…our experienced consultants can guide the way.  Remember, Plastic Products Mfg can also customize brochure holders and displays for the perfect fit, including your name and logo!  Discover the possibilities today! 

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